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Solve a variety of 3D mazes, labyrinths, and challenging puzzles! Navigate your ball from start to finish by rotating the puzzle in any way you choose. Challenge yourself with both cubic and layered spherical mazes. Explore complex cavernous mazes and Escher-esque mazes with open ceilings - or are they floors? Test your mettle with the new 3D maze app, MA3E!

Mazes can range in size and complexity, as well as style. Try our cube based "hamster" mazes, with your ball as though it's hamster in a tube; our spherical "onion" mazes, with concentric layers; our "escher" mazes, where perspective counts and gravity may work against you; and our "cave" mazes, where you must navigate beautiful, complex, colourful spaces. Some mazes may even ask you to use physics and a keen spatial sense to jump the ball across gaps, or balance it across a precarious platform. And with randomly seeded procedural maze generation, the challenge never ends!