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The classic word game, now in

Ghost 2D is a game where you and your friends take turns adding letters to a board. Each letter gets placed next to an existing letter, making a word fragment. Every fragment must be a part of a real English word, but can never complete a word. You could play: 'cycl', 'unny', 'arp'… but not: 'qvq', 'uxx', 'and'. The letters sprawl across the board as though you were building a crossword puzzle from scratch—but one you can never quite finish.

The game ends either when a player is forced to complete a real word, or more likely, as a result of a "challenge." When a player is challenged, they must complete the board, filling in the gaps of every word fragment with real English words. If the challenged player cannot complete the board, they lose. If they can complete it, they win! Challenge with caution!

Overcome your opponent with a strong vocabulary, obscure letter combinations, and most of all, the ability to complete the crossword you are creating. It's not as easy as it seems…

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